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Whether beginner or intermediate, you are sure to find this ebook an essential part of your fitness journey, with even advanced lifters benefiting as well. 


200 pages with zero bullshit filler (it's 66,000+ words), covering everything from detailed exercise descriptions to injury prevention and how to write your own effective evidence based training program, to cardio and how to progress, this is the perfect crossroads of readability and detail. It's long and contains nuance, but it's also very digestable and practical.


You don't need this book to get results, but it'll speed up the process of finding what works best considerably. 


Brief Table of Contents:

Compendium One: Body Parts/Muscle Groups

Basic anatomy, and how to target a given area better.

Compendium Two: Exercises

Nearly 100 pages on the best exercises, how to do them, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Don't expect many YouTube tutorials to go in this amount of detail!

Compendium Three: Programming

How to write your own training plan to get the most out of your time and efforts in the gym, going into the basic training variables like volume, frequency, intensity and such. Be prepared to actually think.

Compendium Four: Equipment

What your gym should have, in order of importance. Handy for those home gym having humans. 

Compendium Five: Special Workouts and Techniques

Various techniques to go beyond failure or manipulate the exercises in compendium two to get more out of them. 

Compendium Six: Cardio

Different forms of cardio, benefits and drawbacks of them and how to work them into a training plan to optimize health and gains.

Compendium Seven: Injuries

How to avoid them, and how to manage them if they do happen. 

Compendium Eight: Sample Training Plans

Six full templates, some with multiple levels, including: The Lazy Man's Plan, The Busy Man's Plan, Athlete Power Plan, Beast Plan, Deva Plan and Spartan Plan. I encourage you to write YOUR OWN training plan, but these are good starting points for some general goals. 

Compendium Nine: Making Progress

How to self assess your progress, and keep making it, dammit!

Compendium Ten: Strength Standards

How you stack up on dozens of exercises, and how strong you'll probably need to get to look a certain way. 


And that's it! Feedback has been wonderful, and I constantly get messages from people who say they refer back to this book time and time again. It took many months to write and I appreciate your support and allowing me to do what I do. 



IMPORTANT NOTE 1: The Link Only Lasts For 30 Days So SAVE THE EBOOK Somewhere Safe!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Any Issues with the download please message through the site.

IMPORTANT NOTE 4: Feel free to DM or email me your transformations/positive results, they're always a highlight of my day!


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