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Training on the rings has given me a feeling somewhere between "pleasantly surprised" and "mildly shocked" in terms of how effective they were. 


Whilst "barbell supremacists" will turn their noses up at bodyweight training, you can absolutely get jacked through proper use of gymnastic rings. You just have to follow the right progressions and use the correct technique.


This ebook (68 pages) includes:

  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Ring Training 
  • How To Scale Movements To ANY Level Of Strength (8 options!)
  • 40+ Exercises, Fully Described WITH Pictures...So You Don't Have to GOOGLE Anything
  • General Programming Advice For Ring Training
  • How To Combine Ring Training With Weights For Best Results
  • 6 Full Templates/Examples Of How To Set Up A Training Week
  • Easy To Follow Progression List
  • Exercises Organized By Muscle Group For Easy Selection
  • Access To A FULL RING WORKOUT VIDEO (That Will Never Be Released To The Normie Scum)




NOTE 1: The Link Only Lasts For 30 Days So SAVE THE EBOOK Somewhere Safe!!!

NOTE 2: Any Issues with the download please message through the site.

Ring Training For Hypertrophy Ebook

$19.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
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