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This is normally the place where the copywriter does their thing, weaving a narrative that this product will get you super jacked faster than anything else you've ever heard of, that contained within the pages of this ebook are the "secrets" to achieving the body of your dreams, and even making your crush like you as well. You'll be strong, powerful, statuesque,  admired...envied, even.  Yes, you NEED this product!


I'm not really into the entire sales or marketing thing, so I'll just drop the table of contents of the ebook below and you can decide for yourself to buy it or not, without any typically fitness industry emotional manipulation.


Book Stats:

Page Count: 160 Word Count: 63187


Bonus: Audiobook Version (6 hours 50 Minutes) Recorded By Yours Truly



Chapter 1: Diminishing Returns -  Climbing the Physique Mountain

Chapter 2: Measuring Progress

Section 2.1 Are you REALLY plateaued?

Section 2.2 Visual Changes

Section 2.3 Leanness/Bodyweight

Section 2.4 Taking Measurements

Section 2.5 Strength Gains

Chapter 3: Expectation, Effort and Experience

Section 3.1 Expectations

Section 3.2 Effort

Section 3.3 Experience

Section 3.4 Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Section 3.5 Hierarchy of Needs

Chapter 4: Recovery

Section 4.1 Sleep

Section 4.2 Stress

Section 4.3 Hormones

Section 4.4 Gimmicky Bullshit

Chapter 5: Diet/Body Composition

Section 5.1 Calories and the P-Ratio

Section 5.2 Protein

Section 5.3 Meal Frequency, Meal Timing and Fasting

Section 5.4 Food Quality

Section 5.5 Bodyweight Manipulation

Section 5.6: My Full Eating Schedule/Diet “Plan”

Chapter 6: Programming

Section 6.1 Training log

Section 6.2 Consistency

Section 6.3 Progression

Section 6.4 Periodization

Section 6.5 Example Progressions

Section 6.6 Exercise Swaps

Section 6.7 Exercise Order

Section 6.8 Volume

Section 6.9 Intensity and Rep Range

Section 6.10 RPE/RIR

Section 6.11 Rest Times

Section 6.12 Frequency

Section 6.13 Training Splits

Section 6.14 Feeder Workouts

Section 6.15 Specificity

Section 6.16 Common Programming Mistakes

Section 6.17 Progressive Overload: Cause or Result

Chapter 7: Exercise Selection

Section 7.1 Muscle Groups

Section 7.2 “Optimal” Exercises

Section 7.3 Tracker Lifts

Section 7.4 Choosing the Best Exercises

Chapter 8: Technique

Section 8.1 Range of Motion

Section 8.2 Control/Momentum

Section 8.3 Tempo

Section 8.4 Cheat Reps.

Section 8.5 Intention/Execution

Section 8.6 Form Resets

Section 8.7 Strength vs Size

Chapter 9: Fatigue Management

Section 9.1 Overtraining

Section 9.2 Overreaching

Section 9.3 Functional Overreaching

Section 9.4 Systemic vs Local Fatigue

Section 9.5 Stimulus To Fatigue Ratio (training money)

Section 9.6 Autoregulation

Section 9.7 Deloads and Time Off

Section 9.8 Avoiding Injury/Training Around Injury

Section 9.9 Mental Fatigue and Training Motivation

Section 9.10 Age

Chapter 10: Building Your Program

Chapter 11: Troubleshooting Your Program/Charting A Course

Section 11.1 Zoom in, Zoom out

Section 11.2 Charting A Course

Chapter 12: The Checklist

Chapter 13: Example Programs

Chapter 14: Conclusion and Final Thoughts


That's it. It's everything I've learned about this stuff from the past 3 years since writing my first book. ENJOY!


IMPORTANT NOTE 1: It's a zip file, including the audiobook and pdf together, Just unpack it using winzip, 7-Zip, etc (can find online for free).

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: The Link Only Lasts For 30 Days So SAVE THE EBOOK Somewhere Safe!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: Any issues with the download please message through the site.

IMPORTANT NOTE 4: Feel free to DM or email me your transformations/positive results, they're always a highlight of my day!

Resurrecting Your Gains: Finding Your Muscle Growth Formula Ebook

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