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Geoffrey Verity Schofield Fitness trainer

Hi, I’m Geoff

Writer. Coach. Brofessor.

Perhaps it's my background as a teacher, but I've always enjoyed helping people. That combined with my passion for fitness, health, nutrition, anatomy, exercise, physiology, lifting weights and a fascination for how to get optimal results makes me a coaching machine.

My obsession is making you the best you can be.

Geoffrey Verity Schofield Sweat book

My Books

My first book, "Sweat", is aimed at beginners or intermediate hypertrophy enthusiasts, who are sure to find this book an essential part of their fitness journey, with even advanced lifters benefiting as well. 
Covering everything from detailed exercise description to injury prevention and how to write your own effective evidence based training program to cardio and how to progress, this is the perfect crossroads of readability and detail.

My next book, "Resurrecting Your Gains" is targeted at intermediates and advanced lifters, and delves into breaking plateaus. It covers diet, sleep, proper programming practices and is a much deeper dive into sharpening the sword of training to really maximize your results.